Interview mit „Alien Rockin‘ Explosion“


It was a quiet night in the Skull and Bones Magazin Headquarters, until suddenly a transmission came … from outer space! Greetings, earthlings. We are Alien Rockin’ Explosion from planet Incognita, do you understand? WTF…The Aliens! We knew about them from Wacken’s Maschine’s Late Night Show. They mix comics, sci-fi, rock and are totally crazy. That was a good opportunity for an encounter in the third kind. Hey, A.R.E. How about an interview?

When did you decide to make music?

Van Halien: Greetings, earthling. We decided when we arrived to your planet. You know, Mazzurg, our space explorer (and now great drummer with superpowers) and his sentinel spaceship (and now a romantic elephant with four eyes), found your Voyager 2 spacecraft with a golden record inside. And that…

Mazzurg: Van! Stop it! You’re making spoiler. They should read our comic to know the whole story of our arrival to Earth.

Van Halien: But…

Mazzurg: Shush!

Van Halien: Aaaaall right. You win. Sorry.

What memories do you associate with your childhood when it comes to music?

Red-Trysha: Our life cycles A.R.E different from humans. Though suffice to say that there’s no music in our planet. So sad! Music is original from Earth.

Tio-To: I’m different from my bandmates. I was born here. And there was always music at home. From flamenco to classical. Rock came from TV, with a Spanish band called Obús. There were many programs dedicated to music back then and I believe that’s missing nowadays.

Have you ever wanted to give up music entirely?

Van Halien: What!! A.R.E you crazy?!!

Mazzurg: ups, we’ve got a problem. I think Van fainted.

Gato: Hehe, that question was too much for him.

When it comes to relationships, what was your worst experience?

Mazzurg: Interactions between individuals A.R.E quite different in our planet, Incognita.

Red-Trysha: Well, but in this planet, the worst thing was to discover that earthlings can think one thing and say something totally different. That’s twisted!

Gato: Well, I think there’s an alien who’s learning fast.

Mazzurg: A.R.E you lookin’ for a brawl, hair ball?

Tio-To: Relax, mates. We A.R.E good friends here.

Sounds trite, but who are your idols?

Red-Trysha: We A.R.E new to planet Earth so nothing is trite for us. I would say Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner for giving life to something as immense as Wacken Open Air.

Gato: And Garfield, hehe.

What are your favorite books?

Gato: “Alien Rockin’ Explosion And The Golden Record”, hehe.

Van Halien: Ey, is not that cheating?

Gato: Maybe. Look, one guitar! Next question.

Van Halien: Where?!!

Your home is on fire, which three things are you definitely saving from the flames?

Van Halien: What?! My three guitars!!

Gato: Calm down. We use an extraterrestrial device to extinguish the fire and we save all our staff. Next question.

If you were given 1000 euros for free, what would you do with it spontaneously

Red-Trysha: I would thank the being that has made the present.

Van Halien: Buy a new guitar!

Gato: Ask him/her if we can get more…

Which albums would you turn someone you don’t like at all?

Tio-To: I would give “Keeper of the seven keys” from Helloween to him or her. That sure can turn anybody into a better person.

Is there an album that you would like to have been a part of?

Van Halien: Oh, it’s true that sometimes I fantasize about having participated in one of the albums I listen to… How many pages we have for this interview?

Mazzurg: I think they want us to name only one album.

Van Halien: What?!! Only one??!!

Mazzurg: Please, don’t faint again.

What record from your parents made you start making music?

Gato: We have no parents…

Mazzurg: Leaving that aside, the Golden Record we found (with songs from Judas Priest, Kiss, Deep Purple, Rush…) totally blew our minds!

Which records in your private collections deserve the rating „embarrassing“

Van Halien: Some smartass gave me “Living la vida loca” from Ricky Martin.

Red-Trysha: That was because you sang it soooo well at Full Metal Cruisse II.

Van Halien: That did not happen.

Red-Trysha: You wish.

Van Halien: Damned Margaritas!

Do you have stage fright before appearances?

Van Halien: What we have are goosebumps from emotion. That’s what we came to this planet for. To Rock!!

Mazzurg: And some alienflies in our stomachs too, to be honest. But no stage fright.

If you could change the world what would you change?

Mazzurg: Diet food.

Red-Trysha: Pollution, traffic jams, unpleasant people, abusing companies, artichokes…

Van Halien: Reggaeton.

When you die, where should you be buried?

Red-Trysha: These bodies A.R.E only shells. We haven’t thought about the best way to recycle them yet.

If you got a tattoo, what would never grace your skin?

Van Halien: Nothing pink, it gives me a headache.

Do any of you have a tattoo that is embarrassing to you and if so, which one is it?

Tio-To: I don’t have any tattoo but my band mates A.R.E very proud of theirs, all of them, I can tell you that. But they’ll never persuade me, I love mi skin the way it is!

Name three highs and lows in your career

Mazzurg: Can Corona Crisis count as three lows in a row?

Red-Trysha: And playing three years in a row in W:O:A with Machine’s Late Night Show would surely be a great high.

Van Halien: Full Metal Holiday was great too.

Tio-To: And don’t forget releasing our comic during the “Salón internacional del cómic y del manga de Donosti”.

Red-Trysha: There were bad moments too. Remember when all bassists were continuously exploding. They couldn’t handle Gato’s mind control powers. I hated that BOOM!

Gato: Humans A.R.E weak.

Red-Trysha: Keep it up and they’ll end up calling the Men In Black

What record would you play a woman/man on a date to break her/his heart?

Van Halien: Monty Python’s “Always look on the bright side of life”

What is your unfulfilled wish in life?

Mazzurg: Taken into account we already played Wacken… 3 times… There’s not much left to do. Maybe play on Harder stage?

Van Halien: An Alien Rockin’ Explosion cartoon film!!

Red-Trysha: Play in Japan!

What do you think about the current situation in the world

Tio-To: We are very sad… We know these are very tough times for many people…

Red-Trysha: But we are optimists as well! We have been told that Humans overcame many difficulties in the past centuries, so we believe they’ll do it again!  That’s life: fighting every day to survive.

Which song would you like at your funeral?

Van Halien: What?!! Only one?!! My heart!!!

Gato: Man, you gon ‚kill our guitarist with those jolts. And then, we would have to make his funeral and we don’t know which song he would like, hehe.

Red-Trysha: Our song Live in the now!

Mazzurg: Dr. Who theme someone dressed in the same clothes I wore before I died running with a sonic screwdriver in hand and saying „well, now is when things get complicated …“.

Tio-To: That would be epic. What about “Die with your boots on”?

Red-Trysha: For me, “Another one bite the dust”.

In which song can you best summarize your band?

Mazzurg: We A.R.E Rock!!

If we bought you a drink, which one would it be?

Red-Trysha: Thunderbitch! Or Spanish horchata!

Mazzurg: Monster with vodka.

Tio-To: Toasted beer.

Van Halien: Peppermint Liquor, it’s green!

Thanks to Alien Rockin ‚Explosion for the interview. We hope to see you live soon when Corona is over. As a small thank you, there is now a song by the Aliens from outa Space, have fun

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